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About ZealZaddy

Heyo Zaddio! ZealZaddy is a team of content creators and creative developers. Our tagline is “Tabletop Games Love” for a reason: we absolutely, positively, love tabletop roleplaying games and board games*. ZealZaddy was born September 4, 2019 by Scott Coventry and Cliff Dunn because we believe we have something to contribute to the industry, to DMs, and to players of roleplaying and games. So we stream campaigns and one-shots, we play Dungeons & Dragons and other systems and settings, we make videos to help Dungeon Masters and players improve in their craft, and we create digital, print, and support content.

The industry, like filmmaking, is inherently collaborative creatively and technically. We actively look for opportunities to collaborate, promote others in the community whose work we love and respect, and have a great capacity for storytelling—whether as direct creators, support creatives, and marketing & branding.

We are:

*We don’t have anything against computer and console games, btw, we’re just not very good at them.

Scott and Cliff illustrations
Scott Coventry (left) and Cliff Dunn (right).

Outside of ZealZaddy

Outside of ZealZaddy, Scott Coventry is a partner in one small studio, a boutique creative development and branding firm with clients like Atlas Ocean Voyages, Virgin Voyages, Amadeus, Miami-Dade Technical Colleges (through MC2 Agency). We’ve done board game graphic design and development work for clients like Mayfair Games (graphic design of the Lunar Rails logo and game board), Blacksburg Tactical Research Center, and Tarancon Board Games (graphic design of the Safari Turbo board game).

Our Team

Scott Coventry

Zealot of Artistry & Design

Master of Games

Scott loves DMing Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, as well as systems as wide ranging as Tales From the Loop (Modiphius), Over the Edge (Atlas Games), Esper Genesis (Alligator Alley Entertainment, Invisible Sun (Monte Cook Games), Cyberpunk (R. Talsorian Games), Blue Planet (Biohazard Games), and more.

Cliff Dunn

Zealot of Words & Phrases

Master of Games

Cliff gets excited about running any Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition Game. As a history and politics buff, so those interests often turn into spider webs of intrigue when he runs. But he also loves The Yellow King (Pelgrane Press), Call of Cthulhu (Chaosium), Traveller (Mongoose Publishing), Dune (Modiphius), and others.