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Cover of Attalis: thief of Vadashar

Vadashar – Attalis

The master thief Attalis is a living legend among the criminal class of Vadashar. A skillful practitioner of thief-craft, Attalis is acknowledged by the notorious denizens of the Free City’s
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Lady Belteshazzar cover

Vadashar – Lady Belteshazzar

The mother of the Free City of Vadashar’s ruler loves to acquire and use power. Manipulative, plotting, easily offended, and prone to holding lifetime grudges, she commands a secret cadre
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Lore of the Giant Kings cover

Vadashar – Lore of the Giant Kings

In the misty prehistory of the Megacontinent of Zul, alien horrors terrorized the nascent mortal races, creating a living Hell on earth. Then came the Giant Kings, mythical god-heroes who
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Amric of Burgothia cover

Vadashar – Amric of Burgöthia

Hither comes Amric the Burgothian, ginger-haired, hawked-eyed, sword in hand, a thief, a reaver, a slayer, with gigantic melancholies and gigantic mirth, to tread the jeweled thrones of Zul under
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Cover of The Calendar of Zul

Vadashar – The Calendar of Zul

What do the stars hold for your adventuring party? The next entry in our “Free City of Vadashar” line expands the World of Zul into the very cosmos themselves. The
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Lord Trimalkes Cover

Vadashar – Lord Trimalkes

Our second entry in our “Free City of Vadashar” line. Lord Trimalkes is a fabulously wealthy NPC who owns much of the best real estate in the Free City of
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