Vadashar – The Beggar King and the Kingdom of Beggars

The Beggar King and the Kingdom of Beggars is our premier entry into our “Free City of Vadashar” Product Line! And there’s so much more coming as we release the setting.

“The Beggar King and the Kingdom of Beggars” is an up close and personal look at one of society’s most overlooked, and most adaptable. As a result, these urchins, tricksters, scroungers, and spies get to operate in relative obscurity.



Included is a history of the Free City of Vadashar and its beggar population, NPC descriptions of important members of the Beggar Kingdom, new magical items, adventure hooks, and much more. There is also advice for incorporating the Kingdom of Beggars into non-Vadashar campaigns. It’s filled with art that captures life in the city of thieves, warriors, sorcerers, and characters. And they all have their own agendas. “The Beggar King and the Kingdom of Beggars” is just one layer of the deeper, darker secrets and stories yet to be told about Vadashar.


The “Free City of Vadashar” will include a full line of sourcebooks, adventure, campaign guides, and information about this unique setting. Vadashar was introduced in 1980 and combined a variety of fantasy elements: sword and sorcery evoking the worlds of Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, the shared universe of Thieves’ World, the carefree swashbuckling of Fritz Leiber’s Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser, and the modern film science fiction horror of the Alien and Prometheus franchises.

“The Beggar King and the Kingdom of Beggars” and other “Free City of Vadashar” products are available through Patreon and DriveThruRPG, and are compatible with Wizards of the Coast’s Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.

Available from:


ZealZaddy’s Patreon ($3 tier and up)

Shard Tabletop (VTT)

Read the Press Releases about Vadashar, The Beggar King, and our other products here.

Cliff DunnWriter, Vadashar Creator@ZealZaddy@ZealZaddy@ZealZaddy
Iam PaceCopy Editor@DubiousByName@pace_iam@iam.pace.9
StarShinobiStat Blocks Writer@StarShinobi@StarShinobi
Scott CoventryCreative Direction, Design, Layout@ZealZaddy@ZealZaddy@ZealZaddy
Humberto SantosCover Illustrator@HumbertoSantos0
Henrik Karppinen/Lore Wise GamesCover Background@LoreWiseGames
Jack HollidayIllustration@JHillustrations
Dean Spencer ArtIllustration@DeanSpencerArt@DeanSpencerArt@DeanSpencerArt
Nadi SpasibenkoIllustration@nadispasibenko@nadi.spasibenko
Rick Hershey/Fat Goblin GamesIllustration@FatGoblinGames@FatGoblinGames@FatGoblinGames
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